About me

Name: Sarah

Last Name: Boutwell

Birth Place: Indianapolis, IN

Now 17 years into photography, it is my full-time business

and I couldn't be more grateful. After shooting such a wide

variety of subjects throughout the years, I've come to realize

where my truest passions lay. Capturing nature in it's purest form,

photographing women to help them feel beautiful and empowered,

freezing the moment when the couple first sees each other at their

wedding and helping artists and models succeed are my specialties.

I also can't deny the joy in capturing a family's love and the magic newborns bring to this world. So, all in all, I'm the photographer for all your needs.

I can't wait to work with you and create an experience you'll never forget.


With so much love,

Sarah Boutwell 

©Photography by Sarah Boutwell